How Will Helps My Diet

The past two weeks I have not been eating well. I would love to blame Thanksgiving, but really it has been a slow decline in effort on my part. Then the week before Thanksgiving I was sick and just did not feel well enough to cook for myself, so I ordered food and just ate what was easily microwaveable, ie, crap.

With travel and preparation for Thanksgiving, I also did not really stick to eating well. I can say that I did not eat as badly as I did prior to changing my eating habits, but compared to what I should be doing I ate awfully.

On the way back from Kansas City Friday, I was telling Will that I needed to get back to the sugar free, no processed foods way of eating I had been following.

Will is always willing to help me. That does not mean he is helpful, it just means he is willing to help in his own way.

His suggestion was that I start eating sunflower seeds, still in the shell. In all fairness, while driving home, I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry, but just “mouth bored” where you feel like eating to kill boredom.

Over the past ten years he has often suggested I eat sunflower seeds in the shell. I have tried and I do not like them. It is an awful lot of effort for little gain. The shell cuts up my tongue and mouth, they are salty which cracks my lips, and overall the entire process is unpleasant.

With Will, one cannot simply say, “No, thanks” or “I don’t want to” without a dissertation on the reasons why his wonderful and brilliant suggestions aren’t immediately embraced. Thus, he and I had a very long and annoying conversation on the various ways I could eat sunflower seeds without cutting up my tongue. I did explain that he has been trying to get me to eat sunflower seeds for years now to no avail, but he insists that I must be doing it wrong.

I have had more annoying and boring conversations, but most of them have also been with Will.

Today, he looked at me and said, “Hey, I am going to annoy you for a while.”

This piqued my curiosity as I had somewhat forgotten about his previous sunflower seed eating instruction. I failed to notice that he was eating sunflower seeds or I would not have been taken off guard.

He then explained step by step, how to remove the shell without cutting up your tongue. He showed me three times. He only deviated from his instructions to say, “You are looking away. Look at what I am doing or you will miss it.”

I stare at him in silence and he finishes his instructions to me for the third time. He then said, “Make sense?”

I replied, “No one but me would ever marry you.”

He found this delightfully funny, laughed for a bit while bouncing in his chair happily. I laughed at his laughter – one of his best traits is it is so hard to offend the man – and said, “Why would that kind of insult make you happy?”

“Because I don’t want to be married to anyone other than you.”

He makes it so difficult to stay annoyed at him. I think he is sweet to me on purpose as a diversionary tactic.

The other ways Will has helped me stay with my goal of ridding myself of sugar and processed food that actually are immensely helpful:
– He prevented me from going to Dairy Queen to get a malt last night and instead made me a banana milkshake that was not full of sugary evil. He did this even though I was ill tempered about it.

– He looked up ways to make malts online that would be more in keeping with my diet. When one of the suggestions was whey protein, he looked up to see if protein drinks actually helped people lose weight or if they were merely for people looking to add muscle and bulk (per my request as I have been wondering about this for some time). BTW, they can help with weight loss according to several sites he visited.

– Since my primary weakness foodwise is ice cream or shake related he came up with several ideas for making better shakes that work for my diet, including freezing bananas, freezing milk in ice cube trays, and a few others.

– Often when I am craving something unhealthy, he helps me analyze what exactly it is that my body is craving – sometimes your body craves candy/cookies/ice cream when really it wants fruit, but we think sweet and think candy – and he helps me find what would be the better alternative.

– He is supportive in general and helps me think long term instead of focusing on instant gratification. He has a lot more patience than I do, so this is tremendously helpful.

– While he is happy that I am losing weight, he likes me and loves me at whatever weight I am at. When he helps me with my diet focus it is because he wants me to be happy and he knows that when I am eating right, I am happier and healthier than when I eat crappy food as I am sick less, I eat less because I don’t suffer from huge blood sugar crashes, my mood is more stable in general, and I stay more motivated in general.

There are countless other ways he is helpful, which is why I will listen to how to eat a sunflower seed with its shell with only slight irritation and boredom instead of staging a revolt.

In short, Will is awesome in spite of his sunflower seed instructions.

Winter Clothes

I am cold.  A lot.  I’ve gone from weighing 246 to weighing 185, which basically means that I’ve lost 61 pounds of insulation.  This summer was one of the hotter summers I can recall, but I tolerated the heat much more easily than I have in past summers.  However, now that we are entering fall and winter, I am finding that I am cold quite often.  Movement helps – 50 sit-ups or 100 flutterkicks while watching television is better than a blanket, but still, I get cold a lot.

I first noticed that my internal thermometer was different when Will kept rolling down his window in the car while I had the heat on full blast.  Was he crazy?  I was freezing!  However, I remember the exact opposite situation occurring in years past.  I would be in short sleeves in winter, Will would have flannel over long sleeves and a coat on but I would be dying from heat while he was freezing.  I guess I get to learn this winter how it felt for him to be freezing all the time.

Another thing I have recently discovered is that not all sizes are created equal.  I am at this awkward weight where I am no longer able to wear plus sized clothes, but regular sizes seem weird to me.  Normally, I would buy yoga pants (not just for yoga but also working out – stretchy without being spandex-y and super comfortable) from the Old Navy’s Women Plus.  Their smallest size for plus is 1x, or a 16/18.  Their largest size for regular Women’s clothing is 1X or a 16/18.  However, when you look at their online sizing chart it is different.  For Women’s Plus the size in inches for a 16/18 is Waist: 37.75-39.25 and Hips: 47-48.5 but for Women’s it is Waist: 34.5-37 and Hips 45.5-48.  Basically, size 16/18 in Women’s is a size smaller.  What if someone couldn’t find the color they wanted in a Women’s Plus 16/18 and looked at the Women’s to see if they had that color?  They’d be kind of screwed because they would be getting a completely different size.

I know that there isn’t uniformity in clothing.  I hate it, but I know it to be true.  However, it does make trying on clothes a bit more arduous than it needs to be and a bit more frustrating.  What size am I?  Depends on where you are shopping.  I am glad that I lost weight.  I am glad that I continue to lose weight, but man, buying jeans has become this dreaded task of epic proportions.  I got two pairs of jeans this week and until they are falling off of my body, I am not doing that crap again.  When did they change jeans size to be not just the regular sizes, but also a style type for your body?  So I have to find the right size and the right number or letter?  Are you kidding me?

So, yeah, I am cold a lot and hate shopping for clothes.  However, increased energy, happiness, and health do outweigh the negatives, so I am going to keep on trucking with my Primal Diet and my working out.  Probably going to fold in a little more walking and running, too, just going to make sure I am thermal underwear on when I go outside.